Roop Singh

Over the years I have developed a knack of telling stories that captivate my audiences. It really started when I had to impart information about the Sikh way of life to classes of 8, 9 and 10year olds. I found the best way to keep their attention was to present the information in story format....beginning, middle and end and it worked.


The teachers found my stories so compelling they called me back for their 'Book Week'...............I was now up against some formidable and well established storytellers, but I held my nerve, my simple, easy style got me through with flying colours! ...........Phew! 

Thus was born - Roop Singh - the Storyteller with a Difference! So what's the difference? .............. Well, 'it's the way I tell em'.............It has to be, seen as I don't have any fancy costumes, nor can I sing or have any puppets. I call it old fashioned storytelling - sit, listen and enjoy......and it works! 

I'll always try to make the story real and relevant, subject to my audience. I'm not into these mythical creatures or talking trees, although I do have a story about a talking cup!........but you know what I mean...........don't you? Okay, well you'll find out when you see me! 

Anyway, I was now establishing myself as an up and coming raconteur, (read the press cuttings). I was now pushing kids to write amazing stories. Kids who wouldn't normally write 3 lines were now writing 3 pages! 

Over the years I hit on to a secret formula and it paid off with big dividends. It was a win win situation! Kids loved it, teachers loved it, parents loved it and I was thrilled. 

Kids loved it because they laughed their heads off. Teachers loved it because it ticked all the boxes... the speaking, listening, creative writing you name it they ticked it. Parents loved it because the kids came home buzzing. I loved it because it worked for everyone and it got's called job satisfaction! 

Once I really pushed the boundaries to the limit.......I started telling a story in Panjabi to 40 white middle class children who never heard of a Sikh let alone seen one. But did they enjoy it? .......boy the loved it! 

If ever I get the chance to serve you with my stories you will see what I mean. But until then we shall just have to wait for or destinies to cross. x