Rez Kabir

 Storytelling is my passion of life, it connects me to my world and helps
me understand myself and others
and become better.

I have been fortunate to be a storyteller; it has taken me to lots of place in Britain and abroad through which it has been exciting to meet people
and learn new things. I believe through imagination and creativity our thoughts make our universe; our actions impact others.


Actor, storyteller trained with Tara Arts, Man Mela and Little Angel Theatre, Rez has toured with plays such as The Little Clay Cart, Hayavadana and The Government Inspector. Also starred in Medea (Soulfire Theatre), The Legend of Black Lotus (TTC), Londonee and Debdas (MGT). He helped to form Tamarind Theatre Co who work in schools. Films include award winning Zohra, Give to me the Life I Love; and Shongram by Munsur Ali.