Brand New Friends

Brand New Friends brings communities together –  through the process of creating new storytelling practices around the emerging new communities in Heston and Cranford where a strong new Travellers and new Pakistani/Afghani  communities are setting into an already a melting pot of diverse heritages such as of Somalian, Sudanese and Bangladeshi ancestries.


Two professional storytellers have been commissioned to bring new cultural diverse styles and forms to explore collaboration and mix into possibilities of developing new styles of storytelling.


Brand New Friends also feature kathak artist Amina Khayyam bringing the south Asian dance form’s storytelling techniques.


Showcased first at the Cranbury Festival in 2018  below are digital broadcasts of the commissions






Laila/ Seema Anand

Story developed by Seema Anand with the Travelers’ Community in Cranford, told in Punjabi by Satish Dutt on Desi Radio from a translation by Arjun Rayait